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Bert Flitcroft is currently Staffordshire Poet Laureate. He grew up in Lancashire, where he was born in 1946, and now lives in the Midlands. A graduate of Sheffield University, for some time he has been quietly, unassumingly spreading the poetry word as teacher, mentor, workshop leader, poet-in-residence, and reader. He has two collections of poetry published.

“Bert is a joy to listen to. His sonnet to a bacon sandwich, where his wife – shouting 'something about pulling and weight' – throws a bacon sandwich at his head, is a wry, insightful comment on the dynamics of a relationship. Like all Bert’s work, it’s delivered with a twinkle in his eye. A master of his craft.“
Steve Pottinger : Writeoutloud

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This is lived poetry that will please poetry readers and the general public alike; poetry that reflects upon the raw ingredients of life we all share while capturing those unexpected moments when we suddenly see ourselves and the world in a new light.

Click on the links below to read poems from Bert's two published collections: 'Thought-Apples' and 'Singing Puccini at the Kitchen Sink'


Front Cover of Bert Flitcroft's new collection Thought-apples

'Thought-Apples - 25 Poems', published in 2014 by Offa’s Press, is available from or direct, via the Contacts Page. .

You can read more about Bert and his "Thought-Apples" collection in his interview, 'In the Booklight' with Sarah James.

Front Cover of Bert Flitcroft's book Singing Puccini at the kitchen sink

'Singing Puccini at the kitchen sink' was published in 2012 by Fineleaf and. after a third successful print run, is still available in paperback direct, via the Contacts Page.

More about 'Singing Puccini at the Kitchen Sink'
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