Singing Puccini at the kitchen sink

Sadly, Singing Puccini at the kitchen sink, after selling very well over a long period of time and three print runs, is now out of print. Copies of some popular individual poems can be purchased from Bert as postcard-size bookmarks at a cost of £1 plus a bit of postage. Drop him a line via the contacts boxes.
Judging by responses at many readings, here is perhaps the most popular poem:

Sonnet to a Bacon Sandwich

                    You, with a nappy in one hand,
                    flung the plate over my head.
                    I remember how the white bread
                    took its own trajectory like a startled bird.
                    You yelled something about pulling and weight.
                       Me? I was at the table waiting to be fed.
                    Hadn’t I been working all day?
                    And wasn’t that the wife’s job anyway?
                    These days, at each anniversary we still
                       chew over that bacon sandwich,
                       our only serious row, and how
                    we both had to learn to cut off the rind,
                    to butter each other’s bread from time to time.
                    To listen for the spitting under the grill.