The Coach House 2022

POETRY at THE COACH HOUSE in Wirksworth - but much more than poetry. 
Think big. Think Art, think Creative Writing, think Real Life.   A series of monthly events with poet Bert Flitcroft. £10 per event

1 A LIFE IN POETRY – A TALK. July 2nd 2022 10am-12pm
Thoughts, anecdotes, questions, moments…..captured forever. Our lives and our age forge what we create. I’m in my seventies now - so how does someone my age see the world? Are you interested? Here’s something for everyone – love, marriage, the sixties, childhood, science, supermarkets, gardening, Peppa Pig, spirituality, sex, friends, getting on a bit…….

       2 YOU TOO CAN WRITE A POEM ! August 6th 2022 10am-12pm
Come along and write a single poem of your own – even if it’s the only poem you will ever write. It doesn’t have to be brilliant, or rhyme, or be shared with anyone. Rise to the challenge : all the guidance you need….

                       3 PROSE AND POETRY. For creative writers. September 3rd 2022 10am-12pm
A workshop to explore the differences and similarities between poetry and prose. (Why are there so many book groups and so few poetry groups?) How a poem can be the starting point for a short story : how a short story might contain the kernel for a poem.

                4 A POETRY READING AND DISCUSSION… October 1st 2022 10am-12pm
of poems from ‘Singing Puccini at the kitchen sink’, ‘Thought-Apples’, ‘JUST ASKING’. How they work on the page, how we hear them, how we relate to them personally. As for event 1 above, here’s poetry about real life, whether it’s walking the hills, collecting As for things, grandchildren….but with the emphasis on skills and crafting.

                                                                          5 A POETRY WRITING WORKSHOP…. November 5th 2022 10am-12pm                       
using particular poems as templates for your own writing. For beginners or more experienced writers.

    6 POETRY AND ART: December3rd 2022 10qm-12pm
Exploring the creative connection between art and poetry. Using either a current exhibition (or famous paintings, or both) a workshop exploring how we read a painting and how we might write about it. Is there a poem in one of your paintings – perhaps one you are proud of, or fond of, or representative of something? Is there a painting in one of your poems?

  For more detail and to register your interest please feel free to contact Bert